IMA Zipline Proposal

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Invited by Indianapolis Museum of Art to submit concept for zipline feature for the 100 Acres Art and Nature Park linking the museum to the park. The concept is to build the towers from used shipping containers making reference to the founding of Indianapolis as a train hub and featuring sustainable reuse of industrial products. The towers would act to serve the zip line but will also feature sitting areas and multi-use spaces that reflect the mid-century modern holdings of the museum. They would provide necessary storage for both the operator of the zip tour and for grounds keeping. Included in the proposal is much needed restroom facilities for visitors. Once completed the towers would be able to be programed by the museum as locations for future art projects in the park and for event use. The goal is to bring bigger volume and a wider demographic of visitors to the museum and grounds.

This project is unique in that the museum would not fund the project but the artwork would pay for itself through operation of the zip line. The construction would be funded by an outside investor and once the build cost is re-couped the profits from operations would be put into acquisitions allowing the museum to purchase and commission other artworks.